USPCC - Memento Mori Playing Cards

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Memento Mori is Latin for "remember you will die" and this philosophy is reflected in the amazing design of these cards. Featuring two isometric human skulls. Rather than being morbid, it's more about how transient life and your pursuits are on this Earth. Our time is fleeting, and should be used wisely.

Historians of playing cards often suggest a deck of cards is a reflection of greater things. The four suits to become the four seasons. 52 cards for 52 weeks in the year. If you add all the pips in a deck, you get 365 representing the days in a year. This deck could be seen as one year of your life. Something to help focus on the idea that our lives are ephemeral.

But, they're not just for the RamFans. Any magician, cardist and collector would be more than happy with these in their hands.

Printed by the USPCC these faces of this deck of cards are white and sport an entirely custom design. The pips echo the main back design and look different to anything we've seen. The spades and clubs are a deep purple and the hearts and diamonds are a lighter pink. Despite these being unusual, it's very clear which are "red" and which are "black".

Whilst the court cards have properties you're used to, like a jack glancing to the right, and a king impaling himself with a sword to the head, they're unusual. No traditional faces are on the characters on the cards. They look cool.

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