USPCC - Honeybee Playing Cards (Elite Edition Blue)

With the introduction of Honeybee Elite Edition Playing Cards, Penguin Magic welcomes the popular Honeybee Playing Cards into its renowned Elite Edition Playing Card Series.

All Elite Edition Playing Cards are manufactured with the needs of magicians in mind. They are printed on an exclusive, thin-crushed Elite card stock with a traditional cut that enables smoother execution of difficult sleights like bottom dealing and table faro shuffles.

In addition to their premium quality stock, these gorgeous Honeybee Elite Edition Playing Cards feature an incredible edge-to-edge honeycomb pattern on their backs. This borderless design is preferred by many gambling demonstrators and card sharks as it helps make many moves, such as second deals, harder to detect.

Each deck of Honeybee Elite Edition Playing Cards features remastered court cards, a completely original Ace of Spades, two customized Jokers and two exclusive gaff cards for extra magic potential (double-backer and blank-facer).

These premium playing cards are available with either Red or Blue backs.

kr 100,00