Theory 11 - Hudson (Svart)

The iconic legacy of the Hudson Playing Cards Company had been all but forgotten-until now. Theory11 proudly immortalizes this legendary company, and its impact on the playing card community, with the gorgeous Hudson Playing Cards.

In the mid-19th century, it was impossible to avoid the original Hudson Playing Cards. From poker games to family card game night and magic tricks, these signature decks of cards were beloved by everyone and were the pinnacle of quality. Sitting along the Hudson River in New York City, the Hudson Playing Card Company produced 1000s of these signature decks of cards before eventually being forced out of business by the New York Consolidated Card Company.

Just as quickly as it rose to fame, this massively popular playing card company was gone. It disappeared without much fanfare and its story has been increasingly forgotten with each passing year.

Now you can commemorate this iconic company and their undeniable impact on the playing card history with Hudson Playing Cards. These wonderful playing cards have been meticulously crafted to serve as a remarkably authentic tribute to the original decks of cards. From the custom Ace of Spades to the exclusive Jokers and themed tuck box, Hudson Playing Cards are an incredible addition to any deck collection. Each deck of cards is also printed by the USPCC to ensure they provide the same unrivaled performance and handling.

kr 110,00