Legends of Elven Resistance - Hiroyini

Legends of Elven Resistance are fine art, luxury custom poker playing cards, consisting of two ed., here the Hiroyini ed.:

★ Warcraft & LoTR inspired decks that honors the courage of elves

★ Embossed tuck boxes with gold and copper foils (exterior + interior)

★ Deluxe matte tucks of special paper stocks

★ Bottom placed, numbered tuck seals

★ Limited edition (600 for each edition)

★ 52 poker sized playing cards + 2 jokers

★ Printed in Europe by NPCC with premium linen finish

Hiroyini tucks are manufactured with an all-black special stock, adorned with elvish filigree in both copper and gold foils. Rich embossing and a truly exquisite matte feel against the glossy foils. Bottom placed, numbered tuck seal.

An elite unit of heroic female wood elves who are courageously resisting the invading horde of goblins and orcs, known as greenskins. The two edition do NOT have identical court cards. Each edition feature a unique cast of greenskins and elves!

Hiroyini ed. cards have an old weathered pen style, while the Glamhoth ed. cards have a more vibrant palette art style. In both editions, the aces are made up of 3 unique character portraits, while the two ace of spades, generally acknowledged as the face of a deck, have a more classic layout to introduce the theme and story of these decks.

Hiroyini ed. has an elven styled AoS, while the Glamhoth ed. has an orc styled AoS.

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