Slot Playing Cards (Liberty Bell Edition)

The Liberty Bell Casino Deck is a premium Casino-style Deck that's inspired by the original Slot Machine symbols. The Liberty Bell icon is subtlety highlighted throughout the design.
The tuck box is printed on a premium matte paper stock and has intricate design elements in gold foil and black foil. A Slot Machine adorns the front panel, and all nine of the original Slot Machine symbols are seen on the sides (with the Liberty Bell icon accented in gold foil). Contained within the tuck box interior is a printed pattern of Slot Machines and shapes of Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades.
The black card for the Liberty Bell Casino Deck utilizes a metallic gold ink and two Pantone colors.
The face cards feature a metallic gold ink and three Pantone colors.
The Ace of Spade is headlined by a Vegas-style showgirl, and the Jokers feature a unique old-school style Slot Machine with the Liberty Bell symbol and colors spotlighted. Each semi-custom Court Card exudes luxury with the unique border treatment, but remains extremely playable with the Court artwork we all know and love.
The Liberty Bell Casino Deck emanates class and sophistication for any performance or game night!

kr 110,00